Study Abroad Bursaries in South Africa 2021

By | November 3, 2017

Study Abroad Bursaries in South Africa 2021

There are a number of bursaries made available to South African students yearly to study abroad by different institutes from all over the world.  Study programs may include Undergraduate, Graduate, Master’s, Doctoral or Post-Doctoral Degrees.  Bursaries are for many fields of study and can be found in multitudes each offering financial aid that is different with employment benefits at a variety of companies.

For information on the study courses available, the different institutes ought to be contacted as each offers a selection of options for successful candidates.  Applications can be made online and students who are interested can have a look at the following companies for bursary applications as well as additional information.

Students who want to follow any of these study fields are required to have the following minimum requirements to qualify for a bursary concerning all fields of study outside of South Africa.

  • Applicants must have South African passports.
  • Submit scanned and uploaded birth certificates or ID Book/Card, transcripts plus ID-sized photo.
  • References are essential for successful applications.
  • Candidates must be between the ages of 19 and 25.
  • Candidates with exceptional academic records will be considered.
  • Candidates must prove to have leadership qualities and be able to take charge of situations.
  • Must be a student’s first time overseas or abroad.

For more information have a look at all the bursaries available and make the correct choice that is suited for you.  Most of these bursary programs include full study fees and living costs although some need to be re-applied for on a yearly basis.  The opportunities for South African students are not limited to South Africa as there are many institutes’ worldwide offering programs to exceptional candidates for further study.

If you want to travel and see the world but also complete your studies, these bursaries may be an option to look at.  Candidates should, however, be perfectly sure that it is what they want to do as you will be in another country and visiting home will likely only be possible once a year.  So if you are comfortable and would like to see what the world has to offer, look at the options and apply for a life changing bursary today.

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